Mission Statement

High quality service

We provide musculoskeletal care non invasive and drug free 

We believe Chiropractic is based on the premise that body can heal itself

We cover diet, nutritional consulting, stress management as adjunct to chiropractic care

We provide referrals to other health care professionals as needed


The fundamentals of Chiropractic as follows:

  • It is observed that vertebrae have a tendency to get subluxated sometimes due to awkward movements of the body or forceful impact, jerk, jolt etc.


  • Because of these subluxations the nerves come under pressure.


  • Due to such pressures the entire related nervous system goes haywire. As a result obstructions are observed in the process of transmission of messages by the nerves.


  • Due to these obstructions definite limb movements are affected and they become diseased.

    The cardinal point is that if these subluxations are corrected and the Vertebrae can be arranged properly, then the disease process can be arrested.