Patients report changes in: 
Emotional and Psychological Well Being 
Patients experience: 
less distress about physical pain 
more positive feelings about self 
decreased moodiness 
improved temper/fewer angry outbursts 
less depression and more interest in life 
improved ability to concentrate 
less anxiety 
Physical Well Being 
Patients report: 
reduced pain 
improved spinal flexibility 
more energy less fatigue 
fewer cold and flu symptoms 
fewer headaches 
Overall Quality of Life 
Patients experience improvement in: 
personal life self-awareness 
ability to adapt to change 
handling problems in life 
accomplishments in life 
life as a whole 
overall contentment with life 
relationship with significant other 
job satisfaction 
life being as it was thought to be 
romantic life 
actual work done 
relationship with co-workers 
physical appearance 
Patients report improvement in their: 
overall health 
daily problem handling 
family relationships 
significant relationships 
Lifestyle Changes 
Patients report increases in: 
practice of Yoga 
meditation and prayer  
consuming health food  
taking more vegetables 
lesser prescription medications