You must have a balanced meal composed of carbohydrates, vegetables, salads and proteins. The proportions depend on the level of activity, metabolism and your health. If you do 1 hour or more of exercise a day you may have more carbohydrates. 

Nutrition for Pain Management and Muscle Development:

L- Ornithin 6 tablets in the morning and 6 at night

Amino acid supplements 6 in the morning, 6 for at noon and 6 at night

Vitamins: 3 packs one per each meal. I usually use the GNC packs. They are already packaged.

Food: breakfast 3 eggs. Lunch 1lb of chicken or fish. Dinner 1 lb of chicken or fish.

Protein shakes: take when ever hungry. 6 drops of liquid vitamin B in the morning & 6 @ night.

This diet will help you build muscle and reduce pain. I had patients with disk condition that completely recuperated using this method adjunct to exercise and chiropractic treatments.

The theory behind why this nutrition works:

I have 2 theories:

1.      The lack of carbohydrates in this diet is so drastic that the body will eat away the torn ligaments and disks.

2.      The muscle strength after providing protein to body is so immense that the new muscles carry the body and bring less pressure to the afflicted joint such as back or knee. As a result, the joint gets time to rest and recuperate.